STRAWBS: Live In Gettysburg (CD + DVD Digipack)


 Live In Gettysburg (CD + DVD Digipack)

We are told …..

2016 was a major turning point for STRAWBS. Prestigious ROLLING STONE magazine listed the band’s ‘Hero and Heroine’ as “one of the 50 greatest prog rock albums of all time”.

STRAWBS headlined RoSFest (The Rites of Spring Festival) - North America’s Premier International Progressive Rock Festival - in Gettysburg, the city where Abraham Lincoln made his historic address to the nation.

It was in Gettysburg that STRAWBS filmed the complete new version of their historic ‘Hero and Heroine’.

The latest STRAWBS line-up is considered by David Cousins to be the best of them all. Keyboard virtuoso Dave Bainbridge – respected for his work with Celtic band IONA - has brought modernity, sensitivity, and drama to the band.David Cousins, Dave Lambert, and Chas Cronk - the front line of the band - played on the first ‘Hero and Heroine’ in1974. Drummer Tony Fernandez first recorded with STRAWBS in 1977 and has been RICK WAKEMAN’s resident drummer for the past 35 years. This is an historic release.

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