QUEEN: Did John Deacon love Freddie Mercury?


All the Qween members were more like a band of freinds or brothers than just colleagues, especially in the early days when it was sharing rooms, sharing limited resources and even sharing clothes.

They all showed consideration and affection towards each other.

Freddie seemed to relish the big brother role especially to John who probably needed it after the early death of his father.

I don,'t think there was ever anything more to the relationship as

1. Freddie doesn't seem to have started experementing physically with gay relationships until mid 1974 when John is starting to see Veronica.

2. Freddie was a ,”chubby chaser" when it came to men and John was no fat bottomed boy.

3. I can't see Freddie putting the whole Qween band at risk. He went to big lengths to never come out as fully gay in the press and gave his quarter of the last four albums to the boys I suspect largely due to guilt.over how much his illness and absence would cost them in the future. Protecting his mates was a big part of Freddie.

4. Very difficult to keep an affair secret from the rest of the band in the close confines of their early tour days. Brian was sharing a room with Freddie at one point.

5. John appears to be very affected by Freddie's illness and passing and shows a distaste for making new Qween music without Freddie.

So was their a close brotherly bond…BiG YES

Was there a sexual relationship….NO WAY

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