Q&A: What ever happened to Sly Stone?

DAVID R ....

Sadly, Sly Stone was recently reported to be homeless living in a van in Los Angeles. Someone interviewed him, and he said he would still perform if the opportunity presented itself. I think he has some serious issues if he has got to that point in life. I'd love to see him make a come back. He is a living legend who I guess let his life get way from him. He was reported to be “happy".

J D ....

Oh, Sly, Sly, Sly, such a sad decline.

So much talent, so much innovation, so much waste.

What a mess his life became. Lawsuits, drugs, drugs, drugs…

He actually continued to release albums well into the 1980’s, and released a few songs for movie soundtracks, but they didn’t resonate with the public. People such as Prince and The Time took up his slack.

He seemed to have fallen off the earth for a while, supposedly broke and homeless, living in someone’s van on a street. Sly did make some public appearances, and even appeared at his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

But he just isn’t the Sly Stone he used to be.

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