VINTAGE … ALMOST: Older decent integrateds from the 80’s / 90s ?

An enthusiast writes .....

i have recently bought an old Incatech claymore, i have only had a few days with and it was to be a stand in until a can afford a new amp to go with my new speakers, but have to say i am pretty impressed with it...i am not sure what i would gain by spending 5 or 600 quid on a more modern integrated. i also had the pleasure of trying a Nait 2 not so long ago, as well as an ION obelisk 2 and also hearing an Onix 21 at a friends. All have been great and impressed me. I was also interested in the John Shearne Phase 2 but have not as yet heard one. These are all sort of 300 - 500 quid integrateds from that era

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