MICHELL ENGINERING: Mycro – help required

Please could anyone advise me how to tune the subchassis balance on the Michell Mycro?? I have tried for hours to get the thing to bounce without appearing drunk, but it just eludes me every time.

I have owned a beautiful Mycro for a few years now that I won on e-bay, it is fitted with a Rega RB300 and Grado Prestige Gold, it is in mint condition and it sounds great but lacks the image stability and timing/pace of my LP12/Ekos set-up, yes I know it's in a different league but I am sure I can improve its performance if only I could get the subchassis to be pistonic like my Linn, the Mycro is all over the place, it resembles a tug, mid Atlantic in a force 9 gale, rather than a finely tuned microgroove scanner, I am sure there must be a way to achieve a better behaved subchassis !!! can anyone help please ???