BLUE OYSTER CULT: Live in Chicago (2CD)

Live in Chicago (2CD)

Recorded at the navy pier skyline stage in Chicago on June 21, 2002.

  • Stairway To The Stars (Live)

  • Burnin' For You (Live)

  • O.D.'d On Life Itself (Live)

  • E.T.I. (Live)

  • Dance On Stilts (Live)

  • Harvester Of Eyes (Live)

  • Buck's Boogie (Live)

  • Mistress Of The Salmon Salt (Live)

  • Flaming Telepaths (Live)

  • Harvest Moon (Live)

  • Then Came The Last Days Of May (Live)

  • Cities On Flame Wioth Rock And Roll (Live)

  • Me 262 (Live)

  • Perfect Water (Live)

  • Lips In The Hills (Live)

  • Godzilla (Live)

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