HIGHER SAMPLE RATES Vs. STANDARD: A few observations by members

A few observations by members:


I accept that we will hear a difference but are you saying that the 24/192 rate will sound BETTER than the 16/44.1 rate, or just simply different?

R ...

I’m fortunate to be able to turn Upsampling on and off via a remote control using a Chord MSCALER which offers (3) levels of Upscaling to try, while listening.

The Upscaled sound is different and “better” in my opinion. I say that because the overall sound is noticeably more discreet and less “congealed” overall, offering more pinpoint accuracy of instrument placement.

Attack and Decay are also noticeably improved and sound more realistic.

This Hobby is a hoot!!

JOHN P ...

I have made wave files up to 64bit float, all the way up to 396KHZ.
If I have to listen to wave PCM files, then the 64bit float 396KHZ, is the way to go.
Most DVD and blueray players can decode those kind of files.
But, in less someone on here tells me a little better then what I both know and understand about CD players, they can’t do that.
Even when burning files like these to a CD, they get down cempled.
Why couldn’t an electronics manufacturer make either a CD player with a good enough DAC in it, that will take high rez wave files like the ones I’m talking about, and play them as is?
I don’t think that any audio company has ever thought about doing that.
And I guess that’s why the sails of audio CD’s have been sloping downwards.
People are looking for much higher quality sound then what an audio CD has to offer.

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