GOLDEN EARING: 50 Years Anniversary Album (4CD+DVD)

50 years of Golden Earring calls for a celebration! The band will not only perform a 'Five Zero' show this December in the prestigious Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, but will also release a special compilation. This 4CD+DVD will take you by the hand through the history of not only the most successful Dutch band ever, but also one of the longest running Rock bands ever worldwide. From the immediate breakthrough in their home country with their debut single 'Please Go' (as The Golden Earrings, without singer Barry Hay) and following international success with album such as 'Moontan' and 'Cut' through to their revival with 'The Naked Truth' till their most recent album 'Tits 'N Ass' , the album features only top tracks from the band. Next to that you will find a DVD with the registration of the 'Coming Home' concert held in June 1984 plus four classic video clips. An ode to 50 years of Dutch Rock'n'Roll history!

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