DUAL 505 – opinions differ!

I got intrigued yesterday by all this talk about the superiority of vinyl over anything digital, so I went into the archeological expedition deep into the bowels of my basement. Lo and behold, I managed to unearth my ages old Dual 505 TT! It is even fitted with Audio Technica cartridge, so that got me a bit excited.

The only problem is, I don't have a phono stage in my pre amp, so now I'm debating how to go about giving it a spin. A quick call to a friend confirmed that he has an old QED Discsaver phono stage collecting dust somewhere in his house. I did a quick googling on that one, seems like a real cheapo entry level phono.

My question to the gurus: is QED worth the trouble, or should I look into some additional expenditure to get me a decent phono? What should I be looking for?

Also, is Dual 505 capable of a decent playback, or is it pretty much a writeoff? I've checked it last night, the motor is purring, she seems ready to go.

Can't wait to give it a spin and compare the sound to my Logitech Touch into the Caiman.

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