STAX: From the 2006 archives / STAX SR4; user comments

Hi, I just came across your web site. Great resource.  I have been a fan of Stax for many year. Got my first Lambda and SRD-7SB back in mid to late 80's. I still have my original Lambda's, a pair of Gamma's a pair of SR-40's a pair of SR-30 with 2x SRD-4's and 2xSRD-7SB's. Unfortunately one of the transformers in the SRD-4 is bad. I've reverse engineered the thing and am going to rewind it hopefully the beginning of next year. I even created a web page for the SRD-4 transformer.

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention my latest Stax acquisition. A black CA-Y preamp. I picked it up at a local (Southern California, US) swap meet, Ok, it's not just any swap meet. It's a ham radio, electronics and computer stuff only swap meet. Picked it up for only $200 USD.

I should have picked up the other Stax item he had. A condensor phono cartridge with matching equalizer amplifier. I think it was the CP-Y. He claimed to be the original owner and that it only had 5 hours or less on it. It was very clean. Packed in the original Stax boxes. I'm kicking myself for not snatching it up as soon as he told me the price. I won't tell what he wanted for it in fear that you might shoot me dead for being such and idiot.

Anyway. I noticed you are interested in pictures. If you want pictures of by black CA-Y preamp let me know. I'd be happy to take some with my Nikon D100 and send them to you as long as you don't mind giving me credit for the image if you post it on the web or in print.

Scott J.

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