STAX: The death of simply-STAX #06

Originally published here in 2009

Hello Howard

So sorry to hear you are closing down. I can understand how it can get sometimes; if the spark goes, it is very hard to get ignition, combustion and then momentum. You just overheat and the fatigue begins to take its toll. Trust me - I've been there! I suspected something was amiss as your email and blog update frequencies have been lengthening...

Do you have any plans for the website, blog and membership lists? I'd hate to see these disappear - it was only your site that prevented me from doing what you ahd done as I thought there was no point in having two. Now I kind of wish I did. Let me know if you are open to handing on the baton...if not on all, then on part(s).

Regardless, I wanted to wish you the best with whatever you decide to do and hopefully it won't be too long before we see you back in front of our screens.

Best regards


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