STAX: The death of simply-STAX #12

Hi Howard - I'm really sorry to hear about your decision to end Simply Stax - whenever I think of Stax - your there. It was such a personal service and I very much doubt it will be equalled. I think a lot of the good service comes from guys our age - people who were taught to have respect for others -to be sincere, honest and have integrity. Those qualities don't seem to be in abundance anymore - there’s no time for them in this I.T.(no time for anyone) world.

I could carry on all night regarding this - but why waste more time. All the very best to you Howard - enjoy you life mate. My old dad always used to say to me 'its no good crying from the grave I'm a rich man' and 'there’s no pockets in a shroud'. Enjoy yourself and keep in good health from BC ( the 59 year old with 1964 Lambretta -remember?) God Bless from a child of the 60's

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