DAVID FREIBERG: Interview by John Barthel

It was a warm sunny morning, as I drove through the rolling oak covered hills of Marin County. I had just left the town of Navato California and was heading towards David's place, when the tape I was listening to went into "Pride Of Man". It was then that I really got exited about the upcoming interview with David Freiberg. Thinking of how lucky I have been, to be able to interview not only Gary Duncan earlier in the year, but now also David Freiberg. As any fan of Quicksilver Messenger Service knows, David was a major part of the group. Now here I was, driving up to his place.

David meets me outside of his recording studio, known as Free Mountain Studios. He gave me a warm smile and a hearty handshake. By the time we walked into the studio, I had felt the butterflies leave me. David's studio was full of state of the art equipment. Computers, instruments, control board, sound proofing and Jefferson Starship's gold record awards lining the walls.