CLASSIC KIT: What is the attraction?

Whilst my recent additions are for a secondary system, they certainly are competitive with today's offerings at a corresponding price point (well, I believe so) albeit not likely to replace my main system.

I could so easily have popped into Sevenoaks or the Classifieds and put together a middle of the range system but just had that hankering.

A couple of years ago my sister inherited our late parents' system (Rotel separates and Rogers loudspeakers) and it has gone to a good home. Better still not only are she and her husband re-discovering their old record collection they are back into buying records. I quite liked the Rotel system. I do though remember from when I was much much younger my father's Sony system. Quite what it was I have no recollection. Certainly not top of the line, but it still sounded good to me. That I remember, and that is what drove me to tack down the ES components.

Mike Vronsky

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