B&W: DM70 …… rebuilding an Icon

Editor's note: One of my first introductions into proper music reproduction in the home was via these - driven by Armstrong 600 series amplification at some show or another. It was one of those increasingly rare occasions (although I didn't know this at the time!) that the hair literally rose on my neck.

Only later did I begin to appreciate the technical obstacles that the designers had to overcome. Anyway .... I took a look at this 'old' albeit relevant thread to see if I can recommend perusal for you and yes, I can. Neil.


I have had many type's of speakers. From High-end (Dutch brand Hepta) to Bose, B&W, Leak, Rogers, Acoustic Research, IMF, KEF, Tannoy etc. ect. Many are still on my list but I will probably never own them. One I knew I would: The B&W DM70! There where 2 models.

Dip in and out HERE

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