AEROSMITH: The Broadcast Collection 1973 – 1994 (15CD Box Set)

Broadcast Collection 1973 - 1994 (15CD Box Set)

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When Aerosmith rocked out of Boston in 1973 with their eponymous self-titled debut album, a new force in rock had emerged. Their captivating and energized take on glam rock, mixed with funk sensibilities and bad boy attitude would earn them global acclaim through Get Your Wings and Toys In The Attic. Ultimately, they would survive the destructive cocktail of drink and drugs with Grammy’s and MTV appearances to become one of America’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll legends. Suffice to say, rock ‘n’ roll just may have been built in Boston.

Soundstage proudly presents an epic journey through Aerosmith’s dynamic career, spanning 21 years of rock ‘n’ roll highs over 15 discs, from early shows to promotional tours broadcast on FM Radio, and MTV appearances.

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