R.E.M: Orange Crush (Live)


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  • "This DVD reminded me why I was an REM fan in the first place. Recorded in Germany in 2003, the concert features plenty of hits (Man on the Moon, One I Love), some obscurities (Begin the Begin, Maps & Legends) and some recent songs I hadn't paid enough attention to (Electrolite and Imitation of Life, which sounds like a lost classic)  All three band members look like they're enjoying themselves, but the real focus is of course Michael Stipe. Stipe's in good spirits , interacting warmly with the crowd, and making you wonder why you stopped listening to this band. REM is a band that has been nothing but themselves for over 20 years, and this DVD shows they're still capable of rocking hard and making great new music. The disc also includes a charming documentary about REM's concerts at Stirling Castle in Scotland in 1999"