Which iconic albums were almost never released?

C. J. Skamarakas writes ...

After the success of Tommy, Pete Townshend was working on a new concept album called Lifehouse. But the project was going nowhere and the rest of the band didn’t understand what it was supposed to be about. Meanwhile, however, Pete had written several excellent songs for Lifehouse. The Who decided to shelve the project and just release what they had already recorded. The result was several of their most iconic songs, including Baba O’Reilly, Behind Blue Eyes, and Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Not bad for a failed project.

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Michael Turner writes ...

One that comes to mind is ‘smiley-smile’ by Brian Wilson it took decades for this album The come out the first concept of the album came after the Pet Sounds recordings which the album wasn't popular in America but it drew some steam across the pond with the British a listeners loving it. They came out with a Beach Boys version of the album ‘smiley smile’ which didn't sell well on its first release also.

So decades later you would think that Brian Wilson would not revisit a album by The Beach Boys, which didn't sell well; furthermore, you wouldn't think that he would rename the album ‘Brian Wilson presents smile’ and re-record all of the previously failed tracks now would you, but he did and even got sued for it.

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