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Ted Horowitz / Popa Chubby born March 31st 1960 is a survivor. A product of the streets of New York City he cut his teeth on the hard edged urban sounds of the big apple. Along the way he came to realise that you must make your own name and you must take what you believe is yours. He defines independence and defies genre. To call him a Blues artist is to belittle who he is and what he stands for. Horowitz is so much more than that.

Singer, songwriter, guitar stylist, his passions run deep and shine bright. Ted Horowitz marked over twenty five years of rocking the blues as Popa Chubby and his tempestuous, soulful playing has never been more powerful. Over the years, his live shows continued to be special events and he built a rich musical foundation with many studio albums.

Hard swinging blues rock…. His brand new album “Two Dogs” has it all. Thematically it's a very personal album. Popa Chubby says: “People ask me why 2 dogs? It's an old fable 2 dogs, 2 wolves. We have become polarised as a race. There is a battle inside each of us. Each day we rise and must choose our path calling upon each other and our own spirits for strength and courage...."

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