THE CREATION: Making Time / Tony Besgrove’s pick of the day

Editor’s note: Today we welcome our friend Tony Besgrove to the team. Howard has known Tony (known, but not in the biblical sense!) for some years now and says he’s as fanatical about music as the rest of us. Fortunately, unlike the rest of us where we  share musical common denominators, Tony bring a fresh perspective on musical genres and not before time. I had wondered if we were getting a bit stale on that front; and now I know we were. Tony may have arrived just in the nick of time.

TB’s knowledge is comprehensive and his recommendations, so Howard tells us, are solid and invariably hit the mark. Additionally his comments are concise and compelling. We like this and we hope you will too.

Today we start with something a tad mild-mannered compared to what TB is going to introduce us to; The Creation - Making Time.

He writes as follows:

Interesting for at least three reasons:

  1. live from German TV
  2. features dance moves from the 60s
  3. also features Eddie Phillips on guitar using a violin bow...years before Jimmy Page!

What's not to enjoy!



Quite so Tony. So, what can we expect in the future? Well ...

  1. Gary Clark Jnr - Bright Lights from Blak & Blu
  2. Social Distortion - Don't Drag Me Down from White Light White Heat White Trash
  3. The Dictators - Who Will Save Rock & Roll from DFFD
  4. Modern Life is War - Stagger Lee from Midnight in America

Apart from Gary Clark they are all rock records, so may not appeal quite so much, or even not at all, but they are good examples of what these guys are about.

Tony suggested Spotify to access these and we hope he’ll provide us with some background to the above four. So dear readers, enjoy The Creation - Making Time.

Thank you

Neil McCauley / OLC editor

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