Tony Besgrove’s You Tube Pick of the Day – Harmony Guitar Heaven

Just over 3 years ago Gary Moore died. In my view, one of the greatest rock and blues guitarists of all time. In August 2005, the day after the unveiling of a statue to the late Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy's vocalist and bass player, Gary appeared in a concert tribute to Phil alongside past members of Thin Lizzy. It was highly emotional night in Dublin, as Gary was joined onstage by Brian Robertson, Eric Bell, and Brian Downey, to rip through some classic Lizzy songs.

The clip I have chosen features the talents of Gary and Scott Gorham, another long serving band member. If you can forgive Scott's Californian tan, his Californian teeth, and his Californian haircut, the harmony guitar playing is just stellar during their rendition of 'Black Rose'.

Watching these two playing their hearts out always brings a tear to my eye; and judging by the reaction of the girl in the audience with red hair and glasses at 7.13 I suspect it brought a tear to her eye too.

Experience it HERE

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