STAX: From the (2008) archives / Stax earspeakers – broken headbands and glue that is melting

Howard Popeck writes: I've received a number of calls recently regarding broken headbands on some models of STAX earspeakers and to a lesser extent, glue which is not keeping the ear pads in place.

My advice to people is as follows:

If your purchase is within the warranty period, then you should phone Mr. Crump (founder and proprietor of Symmetry, the official UK STAX importer) on 07831 829798.

If your purchase is outside the warranty period, then your quickest route is to talk directly to Mr. North, the most experienced STAX engineer in the UK. He can be contacted on 01442 258777

My views, and they are only my personal views are these:

Re the headband, baring accidental damage, these should not break. Towards the end of my period as simply-STAX I and my customers experienced declining quality control. My view is that even for a reasonable period outside of the warranty, a flexible view re charging the unfortunate owner would be helpful. But .... I don't make the rules.

Re the glue that doesn’t, I can’t see how this can be anything other than a manufacturing fault. Moreover one should be aware that in a situation where the ear pads need to be removed to be re-glued (using double sided tape), they probably can’t be. By this I mean that from time to time, the act of removing the ear pads means they might stretch. And this might mean they need to be replaced. Check first with Mr Crump.

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