PINK FLOYD: What are some criticisms of them?

Chrysaor Jorday writes ...

Different people have had different reasons to dislike Pink Floyd. Here are a few reasons:

  1. They use machines to make all their music, and they aren't a real band. (False)
  2. Musically, they aren't all that good. (I disagree).
  3. Their music is demented and insane (I disagree) and encourages people to take LSD and damage their brains.

Between 1987 and 1994, Pink Floyd continued without Roger Waters. And during that period, the fanbase split.

According to many, Pink Floyd:

  1. No longer had any soul;
  2. Was only out for the money;
  3. Had lost their musical creativity;
  4. Had stabbed Roger in the back.

But the breakup was bitter, with Roger and David Gilmour publicly feuding. Fans tend to have strong feelings on matters like these. Take the above with a dash of salt.

I would say: Pink Floyd's two albums without Roger lacked a theme, and the lyrics left something to be desired. Nonetheless, they did write some excellent music. Roger Waters's solo career was excellent; but he, too, had his shortcomings.

That's my biased view, as a fan.

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