SUZANNE VEGA: The Bottom Line – New York ’86 (CD)

Suzanne Vega, Live at the Bottom Line, New York May 24th 1986.

The release of Suzanne Vega’s debut album in 1985 heralded the arrival of one of America’s most striking singer-songwriters. It is performed in its entirety on this set, broadcast on WNEW-FM in her native New York a year later. Also featured are numerous songs from her breakthrough Solitude Standing album, including the classic hit Luka. An exhilarating show, featuring a full band and great sound, it’s presented here with background notes and images.

1. Tom’s Diner

2. Chat

3. Some Journey

4. Chat

5. Small Blue Thing

6. Undertow

7. Cracking

8. Luka

9. The Queen & The Soldier

10. Knight Moves

11. Chat

12. Calypso

13. Straight Lines

14. Freeze Tag

15. Chat

16. Marlene On The Wall

17. Chat

18. Left Of Center

19. Chat

20. Neighborhood Girls

21. Chat

22. Black Widow Station

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