HiFi Choice writes:

The SE is the ‘sport’ version of Michell’s Orbe rangetopper. It cuts down on costs by removing the acrylic casework of its namesake and, in many respects, looks the better for it. Like the well-regarded Gyro, it is a fully suspended design that floats the armboard and platter on three springs, which sit under three posts that stick up from the cast aluminium subchassis that surrounds the platter. Underneath are two acrylic layers in a tristar shape that reach out to support the suspension posts and fix-to-turned aluminium feet.

Set up is a matter of adjusting the knurled tops under the three covers, so that the turntable is level without leaving a large gap between the bottom of the subchassis and the tristar. In practice, there isn’t much scope and you need a level support in the fi rst place, because the gap should not exceed a couple of millimetres.

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