MICHELL ENGINEERING: TecnoDec (RB250 Tonearm / Denon DL103 Cartridge) test review

Michell TecnoDec (RB250 Tonearm / Denon DL103 Cartridge) review

"Its neutral balance is good for keeping the various elements consistent with one another and it makes a clear case for itself next to a more affordable deck like the Rega P3-24, thanks to a decent grasp of timing.

Some will prefer a warmer sound, perhaps, but that's a matter of cartridge choice and while the Denon DL103 may not have the power in the bass offered elsewhere, its sophistication through the mid and top make it hard, if not impossible to beat at the price.

With its minimal energy barrier, the Michell TecnoDec needs a better support than most, but keep it away from resonance and you have a very fine turntable for the money."

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