LOST IMMORTALS: What classic rock buried treasure band have you discovered recently? #2

Mark Whelton writes

Periodically I am directed to bands that I may have heard of but never actually listened to or if I have it was years ago or very occasionally ones i know absolutely nothing about.

I collect and am always on the look out for psych/garage bands that I have missed. The US has loads of these so there is plenty of scope and due to the quality you don’t have to compromise. However in the UK there isn’t the same depth and most of the “unearthed gems” have already been dug up.

The exception being “Mighty Baby” who was recommended by a record shop owner. I had never heard of them. They had never appeared on anybody’s list of recommendations. Generally this means that they aren’t very good, I have bought enough recommended or critically acclaimed albums that have passed me by to be a bit sceptical.

They made two albums of which the first, self-titled is the best. Produced by the same guy who produced London Calling amongst others, the production is great. The musicianship and song writing is not bad which considering they were “The Action” without the lead singer is not surprising. They are a cult British band who list Paul Weller and Phil Collins as avid fans.

Unsure how to describe the style but definitely psych with tinges of blues and country. Definitely recommend a listen.

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