LEAK: The Stereo 20

A 1961 Leak Stereo 20. It is in really tidy condition, barely a mark on it, and was apparently sympathetically serviced a couple of years ago with new caps etc. Thankfully no modifications other than a decent set of RCA input sockets and speaker posts (the original leak ones are naff to the extent of being barely usable), as such it's exactly what I've been looking for – I've been looking for a while, but held off buying a few that were a bit tattier or had been “tweaked” in any way – I want my Leak Stereo 20 to sound like one.


It's stuffed with a decent set of tubes too: a Brimar ECC83 on the input, two Mullard ECC83s as phase splitters, a Mullard GZ34 rectifier and a set of Harma EL84s. I plan to stock up on these tubes a bit now, I'd certainly like a decent NOS set of 84s and a spare Mullard GZ34 as they are getting pretty scarce. It runs very nice and cool too, even after playing for many hours the mains transformer is barely lukewarm and the OP transformers remain cold to the touch. No signs of any heat issues underneath either, so looks like this one has had an easy life and behaved itself. I've got the manual and inspection tag too (20th March 1961, so it's got a couple of years on me!).

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