HARBETH: Kef LS50 vs Harbeth Monitor 30.1?

Editor's note: This US-based thread kicked off in 2015 and has seen quite a bit of action since. I took a look this morning (15/02/19) and there is in my view worthwhile content there and so my suggestion is that it's worth a look. Neil / editor


Ive heard kef ls 50 and will audition monitor 30.1. Ive just sold my amphion one18. they are truly the most accurate, detailed and fast speakers Ive heard. I may want a more smooth, slow and musical presentation. My interest is likely getting a high end REL g2 combined with the 30.1 or kef ls 50. Id love to hear the comparison between the ls 50 and 30.1

Dip in and out HERE

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