HALL & OATS: Reappraised

Paul Lester (The Guardian) writes:

The spotlights and the shoulderpads, the bushy moustaches and the floppy mullets, the vests, the soft-focus, the dry ice … no one who lived through the 1980s will be able to forget a Hall & Oates video. In I Can't Go for That, for example, tall, blond Daryl Hall and short, dark John Oates sway and fingerclick their way through the hit that helped to make them the most successful pop duo of all time, a synth solo here, a group shuffle there, all backlit with a heavenly glow.

Those images are certainly burned into Hall's memory. "I don't look at them any more," he says, "because I can't stand to. But if I did, I would wince and remember what I was thinking. I didn't like being objectified. That wasn't pleasant. So I went for it in a cartoony way."

After more than 40 years in the music business, the Philadelphians still seem

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