QUAD: Do Tube Amps go better with QUAD 2805’s Speakers?

I'm very happy with a pair of QUAD 2805's which I bought new about 1yr ago. I've been using a VTL 5.5 Preamp w/phono, LP12, Zeta Arm, BlackBird, Ayre 7E CD, VTL 225 Deluxe Monoblocks converted to 6550c's w.shunyata Tiapan helix PC's,Diamond Racing cones on Solid Steel ampstands, Nordost Heimdall speaker cables. Also a Janus 15" Sub. I'm looking to get even more clarity, presence, and deeper, natural soundstage.

SO, I'm wondering that given that the Quads are much more effecient than my previous speakers; how much of a pickup woild I get changing to say the VTL 185 monoblocks in Triode mode which put out 100 Superclean watts? I understand the new signture transformers are Much faster and improved. With the overall new technolgy far superior to my Deluxe 225's Watts in tetrode. Also, Have you found that tubes go better with Quads?

I also admit the list price of 12K for the new amps + new 9 mtr Balanced interconnects is a tad more than I was looking to spend, but willing to save my sheckels for awhile