CONFLICT: Did a band ever break up on stage?

Muiris writes ...

Although it had previously been announced by Paul Weller, much to the surprise of bassist Bruce Foxton & drummer Rick Buckler, the Jam officially broke up at the end of their final concert at the Brighton Conference Center on the 11th December 1982.

It would be 20 years before bassist Bruce Foxton spoke again to Paul Weller. Weller was even critical when Buckler and Foxton played the Jam songs together when they toured as From the Jam in the 00s. I don't believe Rick Buckler ever has spoken to Weller since that night in 1982 although he tried several times in ’83 & ‘84.

Makes the Eagles, who infamously broke up on stage circa 1980 but got back together when hell froze over, seem like light weights.

But that's entertainment..

Another from that era the Specials broke up when they were recording their UK # 1 for the live TV show Top of the Pops. The split was acrimonious and due to in fighting within the band.

At their Top of the Pops

recording of the song, however, Staple, Hall and Golding announced they were leaving the band.

They would go on to become Fun Boy Three and the Specials became The Specials AKA.

And finally as an aside, not forgetting industrial act Einstürzende Neubauten who operated with power & industrial tools and broke up manys the stage as they chopped and deconstructed throughout the 80s. They are literally the ultimate band for breaking-up stages.

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