To biwire or not to biwire, that is the question

Thanks for taking the time to read. I have sifted through the mound of information regarding biwiring but have yet to come to a clear yes or no on the matter.

My question is as follows: Using a single 2CH amplifier run to speakers that are set-up to biwire utilizing a biwire cable (2 connections amp end/ 4 connections speaker end)should return no greater result than running a single wire to that same speaker and utilizing jumpers??? My reading suggests that unless you are bi-amping, simply taking the source of the signal at the amp, (2 connections) and splitting that into (4 connections at the speaker) is not positively affecting the sound?? Bi-amping on the other hand may return an improved sound as the signals are isolated and could affect the resistance of the load?

So I guess what my reading has indicated is that if you are only running a single amp (2 connections) to a bi-wire ready speaker (4 coonnections) you are really paying for a cable that has additional ends but should return no great end product as the signals are technically not distinct as in the case of using 2 ampsor an amp set up for bi-amping?

Any thoughts are welcome as this seems to be an endless debate?


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