DIGITAL: CD transport … how about using a DVD player?

I am not joking at all. It all started when my Sony CDP 779ES stopped reading the disks properly and I had to get a replacement. As luck would have it, I got a sweet deal on a Copland (CDA 266 I think...) player and soon after I snagged a Museatex Bitstream. So now there was a DAC and being a tinker I had to try out different sources with it.

Enter the transports: Copland CDA266 and JVC DVD some old crappy consumer model.

Right away my experiment gave surprising results. While I do not think of the Copland as a downgrade compared to the Sony (which to be fair would sometimes treat the music a bit heavy handed), the JVC DVD player I used along with the Bitstream comprehensibly trounced the Copland as a transport. Sound was much more enjoyable, colourful - not coloured! and had better micro dynamics. This result or impression was repeatable and especially notable on classical and jazz.

I found the outcome puzzling especially considering the superb build quality of the Copland. Maybe DVDs have some sort of innate advantage.

Enter the Mr. Lampizator
As pr. Lukasz Fikus, the DVD machine might have something under the bonnet that gives it an edge.

I would sure like to try out some newer DVD players with my Museatex DAC and I would like to hear if any of you Wammers have experience using DVD-Ps as transports.



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