STAX: Cassiel OFS (Optimised-for-STAX) power cords: User comment #01

Hello Howard

Yes the cords arrived as promised....thank you.

Do they work? The quick answer is yes.

The longer answer is I am not sure how well they work yet as they are not burnt-in. The problem was with my Linn LP 12 Lingo power supply. I have tried various replacement cords in an attempt to upgrade the source of my system but there has been some conflict between the Lingo power supply and the cords I tried. Most of them make the Lingo sound worst than the out-of-the-box 'kettle cable'.

When I tried the Cas4 you sent me with the Stax gear there was no degrading of the quality of sound.

So I thought that I had a possible upgrade!

My theory is that the cable weave used in most cords to reduce RFI conflicts with something in the power supply box. The Cas cords do not for some reason. It would be interesting to find out more but at the moment I am just happy that the Cas cords work and has the potential to improve the sound. I will keep you posted if you are interested!!! I have some more testing to do!

Interestingly, even the relatively expensive Russ Andrews Kimber cords do not work with the Lingo and they have the Wattgate IEC plugs the same as the Cas3! So it is either the socket plug and / or the cable that makes the difference here. This is surprising as you have found that the better quality IEC makes the difference with the Stax unit! Strange business is this world of Hi Fi!



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