DIGITAL: New Dacs vs older better Dacs; smoke, mirrors or what?

Given that Dacs are really just specialist computers with a optical/usb etc input etc, and that technology changes fast, I have a question I have Naim amps and very happy with my Cullen Circuits modded Sonos, its just a question of sticking a box between the two.

Should I buy and obviously tempted by a Naim Dac which would certainly complement the Naim amps but it is £2K and now nearly a 4 year old design, and 4 years is a long time in IT or opt for the Audiolab M-Dac or similar bristling with new tech and of course much cheaper? Or just buy the one I like the sound of and forget how 'old' the design might be. Is there a Naim Dac MK II around the corner or have they been incrementally updating their kit over the intervening years?

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