But the most dramatic change is in the dynamics …

There have been several postings at AA about a new tweak from the mind of a gent named unclestu that I would like to share with Audiogon members.  I really don’t know why it works or how it works. This tweak will cost you about $10 bucks but hold on to your hats...

unclestu discovered that the Ground Control (that was designed by Bud Purvine and sold by AudioPrism)design could be improved on. You will need to make two sets for your speakers. What unclestu came up with is to take a 6V Lantern Battery, add a 1000uf Electrolytic capacitor across the top springs (+ to + and - to -) connect a wire to the negative side of the battery and then attach the other wire end to the negative post on your speaker.

I have also made a couple that I plug in to my Preamp and Amp. Those were made with RCA’s ground on the wire end and I used 9V batteries utilizing 9V battery clips.
I've got to say, big improvement across the board, Soundstage, bass, mids, treble. But the most dramatic change is in the dynamics.

Dip in @ https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/the-next-best-tweak

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