CONVERTING VOLTAGES: SAE equipment 110v gear to 230v?

I have a couple of 110v pieces of SAE gear here in the UK. I am using a Maplin step-down. They sound great but have skinny captive mains leads and I wonder if there is anyone who can rework the back panels to fit a modern IEC female socket. Also, if the power supplies are not switchable to 230v then can replacement power supplies be sourced in the UK. Thank you.

We didn't know - so we asked highly regarded independent Musical Fidelity specialist JS Audio; specifically John ‘Mr. nice guy’ Sampson. Here’s what he said:

Replacing the standard captive power cable with a chassis mount IEC socket is something JS AUDIO REPAIRS  is doing all the time for customers. If customers have non-uk voltage equipment that are not multi-voltage at the power supply then we can  having custom-made uk voltage transformers manufactured.

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