TRANSPARENT CABLE: An Interview Josh Clark

An Interview with Transparent Cable’s Josh Clark

Jacob Heilbrun writes:

Transparent Cable, one of the most storied names in the audio business, has released a new line of cables called Generation 5. What follows below is a recent conversation I had with Transparent designer Josh Clark.

Jacob Heilbrunn: Some audiophiles swear by cables. Others swear at them. What’s your take?

Josh Clark: Some may swear at them because to get good performance it costs a good amount of money. Anyone who has made performance comparisons between cables knows they’re an important part of the audio system chain. They’re also one of the worst components in an audio system. Our goal is to make them the “least bad” they can be—to maintain the dynamic range, tonality, and integrity of the signal, which is a difficult task.

What accounts for sonic differences between the previous generations of Opus and the Generation 5?
As its name suggests, it is our fifth line of audio cables. We’ve been working for over twenty years to raise the bar of audio system performance through musical realism and musical engagement. Gen 5 is part of a continuum. It’s not a departure from Generation 4; it’s an improvement upon it, particularly in dynamic range. Our goals are to achieve more large-scale dynamics without limitations and to resolve more low-level information by lowering the noise floor.

Although the Opus has been our top product for over 15 years now, some years ago we had the sense we could .....