YBA: Yves-Bernard Andre interview

Questions by Matej Isak

How did it all started for YBA Audio?
It started in 1981 in Paris and the name is coming from my initials: Yves-Bernard André

Why the name?
In fact, I was working for some very well know hifi companies like Goldmund and Audax and I decided to create my own company with my ideas of business.

When did you got “hooked” to the music and hi-fi?
I was 16 and was playing oboe. I was not recognizing and listening to this instrument because of the poor sound qualities. My father was playing violin. You can imagine...

What made you move into creating amplifiers?
To try to be as true as possible with all my knowledge (I was working in the most well known university which is the Ecole Polytechnique). I wanted also to be as simple as possible in the design to be capable to evaluate each part. As simple of possible is not so easy because you have not to be too simple. Simple does not mean simplify, but optimize. This last idea is coming from  ............