ROBERT CRAY: 4 Nights of 40 Years Live (CD+DVD)

Contemporary blues icon Robert Cray will be celebrating his 40 years of performing with an incredible live release, ‘4 Nights of 40 Years Live’ on 28th August 2015. This live album was recorded at Venture, Belly Up, Saban Theatre and his rehearsal studio in Dec 2014. Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain 90 minutes of concert footage from multiple camera angles creating an incredible perspective. It also contains personal in-depth interviews with Robert Cray, his band members and testimonials from legends as Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Keith Richards, Jimmie Vaughan and Bonnie Raitt.

1.I Shive
2.I'll Always Remember You
3.Poor Johnny
4.Won't Be Coming Home
5.On The Road Down
6.Sittin' On Top of the World
7.Wrap It Up
8.Love Gone To Waste
9.Bad Influence
10.These Things
11.Right Next Door (Because Of Me)
12.The Forecast (Calls For Pain)
13.Time Makes Two
1.I Guess I Showed Her
2.Right Next Door (Because Of Me)
3.Smoking Gun
4.Still Around
5.Too Many Cooks
6.T-Bone Shuffle