Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are pleased to announce the release of ‘Live In Paris’. • The double album and accompanying DVD was recorded live at Theatre Trianon in Paris on February 24 2014, during the band’s sold out tour of Europe.

In addition to the full concert, the DVD also includes the documentary film ’33.3%’ by Yana Amur, which shows fans an intimate side of the band never seen before. • “It was a little over a year ago while sitting in the back of a passenger van outside Tokyo, all of us covered in sweat and half cocked grins trying to catch our breath after having just walked off stage, I just remember someone muttering the idea that we might actually really want to think about filming one of these shows before it's all over.

I guess my first reaction was that we could all use a very long hot shower much more than another live DVD at that exact moment. My second was that it might be a shame if we reached the end of that tour without capturing any of the beauty and even brutality of it. But a lot of the music we create is not only where we exist, but also where we escape to. It’s difficult though with film to avoid making a band into just another ‘reality show’ crafted into a product on a shelf, and at the same time just painting a plain picture of a live concert would be like a dream without very much color or feeling. In the end we have released two separate films to show both sides of the same coin... ‘Live In Paris’ is the dream. And ‘33.3%’ is the morning after. We hope you enjoy what you find” - Robert Levon Been / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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