THE RIPPINGTONS: Moving seamlessly between fusion and smooth jazz, …..


Keith Copeland writes: Let it rip is an idiom that means to proceed at full speed without restraint. Guitarist Russ Freeman was very astute in choosing The Rippingtons as the name of the band that he formed in 1986.

Moving seamlessly between fusion and smooth jazz, The Rippingtons is a band that’s a joy to listen to both on studio recordings and live in concert.  If you have ever watched The Weather Channel’s on the 8′s local forecast segments, more than likely you heard their music being played. Even though Russ has been the only mainstay in a revolving door of musicians, the savory musical recipe of great grooves, stellar musicianship, hypnotic melodies and engaging solos remains intact. The band’s mascot, seen in the artwork of all their releases and on their website, is a jazz cat donning sunglasses. My favorite lineup is Freeman on guitar, Jeff Kashiwa on sax, Mark Portman on keys, Steve Reid on percussion, Kim Stone on bass and Tony Morales on drums.

I could go on and on with biographical info-but I won’t. It’s time for The Rippingtons to let it rip!

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