Restoring Reel to reel machines?

A have a question i need a pretty proffesional answer to. The only person i think could possibly head me to right direction is Anthony TD. It's regarding the restoration of two Open Reel machines..I have some scratched paint that i will refinish as original but i will lose some transfers. The transfers in question are only a plain Arial style lettering, no brand logos, nothing fancy.

The problem is the best recommendation regarding re appling the transfers, i asked for a pro answer because i know someone will come alsong & say letteraset with applied protective coating.. This isnt what i want to hear but if some permanent transfers are available where you dont have to apply a protective coat over, that would be intresting..

The proper way is screen printing i would think but it realy is a small scale job but on the otherhand i want it right, as if it was never replaced. I noticed the priniting on Anthonys items & wondered how he did that??.

Thanks in advance