POWER CORDS: Neil McCauley expresses a view


Neil, have you been surprised by the effects of different types of mains cable and IEC termination on the sound that comes from electronics driving speakers?

I have been rather surprised because I don't reckon I have anything like the acuity of some of my friends for acoustic things, I will usually arrive at conclusions; but it takes me some time to do it and I'm always very impressed by the people who can almost at once tell you that something is not quite right and what it is.

It absolutely surprises me, and I can't explain it at all, but I am in no doubt at all that not only mains cable – and I've sat in on testing five or six different mains cable before I chose my preferred brand one – and I was almost bewildered by the fact that I could tell any difference, and I wasn't expecting to be able to tell any difference.

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