BORING: Everything is just so … boring

Can anyone explain this one to me?

I have a system, well actually a few systems, which had vibrancy, and above all emotion and foot tappin and all that stuff. Not the deepest Bass or the finest top end, just EMOTION. I moved all of the stuff into my home here in Luxembourg years ago and in our Living Room never could get anything to sound anything other than just 'flat and Boring'.. I have tried numerous speakers ranging from Magneplanerr 3.3 Rs, Kilpsch KG3 and Hersey, Tannoy Dimension 8, Tannoy DC 10T, KEF C series (C 80s I think) NVA Cubes, Celestion something or others and very expensive French things.

It doesn't matter which Deck I use ( I have many ranging from Michell Reference, Gyro, Garrard 401, Thorens TD 147 etc etc and NVA A 80 Amps, TVA 1X power amp etc ) this list goes on.

I do know that a room can affect the sound but how the hell can it just rob the music of all emotion?? If I move all the stuff upstairs onto another room ( which I can't use as a permanent system room), it all comes back, regardless of which set-up I use.. maybe one system has less Bass, or harsher top end etc, but all the EMOTION is all back again.. What is happening here? My room downstairs is not over furnished at all.. and is quite large but not huge, how can all the emotion just disappear?

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