ARTHUR BIG BOY CRUDUP: Music Man Like Nobody Ever Saw (5CD Box Set)

  • 5-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 68-page hardcover book, 124 tracks.
  • Total playing time approx. 6 hrs.
  • The first box set devoted to this blues giant!
  • His complete recordings 1941-1962!
  • Songs include the original versions of Rock Me Mamma, That’s All Right, My Baby Left Me, Mean Ol’ Frisco, So Glad You’re Mine, and many more!
  • Newly researched biography by award-winning blues journalist Bill Dahl.
  • Rare and exclusive photos!

In the world of music, there was never anyone quite like ARTHUR 'BIG BOY' CRUDUP. Rooted in the Mississippi Delta, his style was propulsive, melodic, original, and profoundly soulful. If he wasn’t 'The Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll', as one LP proclaimed, there’s no doubt that rock ‘n’ roll owes a debt to his songs, including That’s All Right Mama, My Baby Left Me, Rock Me Mamma, So Glad You’re Mine, and Mean Ol’ Frisco Blues, as much as to his tight, swinging brand of rural blues. Arthur Crudup was in his thirties when he made his first recordings in 1941 and recorded prolifically until his death in 1974.

This set includes his complete recordings from 1941 until 1962, including every extant song from RCA and its associated labels, as well as his sides for Trumpet, Checker, Ace, and Fire. Over one hundred recordings in all. An expressive singer and a true poet of the blues, Arthur Crudup certainly deserves to be known as the guy who wrote three songs that Elvis Presley recorded during the Fifties, but he was a towering musician in his own right. His influence didn’t end at Elvis Presley. In addition to all those that Elvis influenced, countless other blues and rock musicians adapted his songs and his sweet, lyrical style.

These 124 songs on 5 CDs are complemented by a 68-page book by Bill Dahl, rare photos, and a newly researched discography. 5-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 68-page hardcover book, 124 tracks. Total playing time approx. 6 hrs.