Arthur Lee & Love: Coming Through To You – The Live Recordings (1970 – 2004) (4CD Box Set)



It also includes five recently-discovered live tracks that have never before been released.
Released by RockBeat Records, the set has been produced by David Skye, with the involvement of Lee’s widow, Diane Lee.

Coming Through To You - The Live Recordings (1970 - 2004) (4CD Box Set)

The cover artwork designed by William Stout, who has also designed album covers for The Who, The Beach Boys and The Ramones.

Arthur Lee (1945-2006) was a founding member of the legendary Los Angeles rock band Love (1965-1971). Post the band’s breakup, Arthur released a number of solo albums and in his later years, created a band called Love, revisited which toured the world.

Love’s “Forever Changes” album regularly ranks in the top tier of Best Albums of All Time lists. Rolling Stone’s survey of the Top 500 albums of all time from 2003 ranked the album at #40.

Arthur’s fans are legion and many. In 2006 after his terminal leukemia was made public, a tribute concert was organized for New York’sfamous Beacon Theater. Performers included, Robert Plant, Ryan Adams, Yo La Tengo and Ian Hunter.

Original guitarist for Love, Johnny Echols, continues to perform the band’s music in Love Revisited. The backing band is usually comprised of members of Baby Lemonade who backed Arthur on many tours are on many cuts of this package. Love Revisited will continue to play around the world in 2016.

• Coming Through To You features four CDS worth of material recorded between 1970-2004.

• The package features many photos from Arthur’s personal collection, many never seen before.

• Liner notes by Rolling Stone Senior Editor The package also features a forward by Door’s guitarist Robby Krieger.

• 61 total tracks featuring Arthur solo and with various artists in a variety of combinations.

• All material previously unreleased.

• Released with the full support of Arthur’s estate

Rolling Stone editor David Fricke says in the box set's liner notes that "Lee was already a dynamic mass of contradictions when he founded Love in 1965: born to white and black parents in Memphis; steeped in classic soul and blues as a teenager; then charged by the electric modernism of the British Invasion, especially the Rolling Stones, and L.A.’s overnight response, the Byrds. Lee literally formed Love – rock’s first major, integrated band – in his image and that of the times."The box set is a collection of rare live recordings from 1970-2004 released by RockBeat Records and produced by David Skye, with the blessing and participation of Diane Lee. For the first time a large collection of Arthur Lee & Love live recordings are being made available to the public. The discs feature performances recorded at various venues worldwide, throughout the 1970's to 2004.

The cover artwork designed by illustrator William Stout, internationally renowned as one of the first rock “n” roll bootleg cover artists. William has also designed legitimate album covers for The Who, The Beach Boys, The Ramones, The Firesign Theater and The Smithereens.

The enigmatic rock band known as LOVE were revered by the Los Angeles rock crowd when they formed in 1965.  Influenced by the folk rock movement of the time, ARTHUR LEE was reluctant to tour heavily, but their performances on the Sunset Strip caught the attention of Elektra Records JacHolzman, who made the group his first rock signing.  The Doors, who also signed to Holzman's label, opened for LOVE at the Whisky and became fast friends.  In the 16-page booklet, The Doors Robby Krieger writes, "What a sound!," He also writes seeing LOVE for the first time "made me think twice about strictly playing flamenco and acoustic guitar.  A couple of years later Arthur would come to the London Fog and watch us play. He was definitely an influence on Jim [Morrison] and all of us, and also helped us get the Whisky gig."

Although a reluctant rock star, ARTHUR LEE eventually embraced the scene and was a prolific writer and multi-talented musician.  He recorded with a wide array of artists, including Steve Winwood and several projects with Jimi Hendrix.  He served five years in prison for a weapons offense, but came back strong in the '80s and '90s, before succumbing to leukemia in 2006.  A 2005 benefit concert held to raise funds for his care featured many LOVE fans including Robert Plant, Ryan Adams, Nils Lofgren, Ian Hunter and more.


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