What is your favorite band that no one has heard of?

Muiris Mac Cartaine, Listens to a lot of Music writes ...

In the 60s Love, the 13th Floor Elevators, the Zombies, the Electric Prunes, the Sonics and the Left Banke have all released great albums and are relatively well known amongst the connoisseurs. How about another 60s band that were produced by George Martin that no one has heard of? They were a Mod favourite in their early years doing Motown covers and playing the Marquee Club but in early 67 their style changed as the West Coast washed over London. It’s evident on their last single produced by George Martin in ’67 - Shadows & Reflections.

It wasn’t a hit and they were dropped later in the year. They recorded several demos in an attempt to secure a new record deal which came to nowt. These were released years later as Rolled Gold but first some of those Motown covers are pretty nifty.

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