Six Days On The Road – 1975 Radio Broadcast (CD) by Chris Hillman & Friends

This album contains a remarkable show from what is sometimes referred to among the cognoscenti as Chris Hillmans 'Firefallin' Burrito Brothers' Tour. This was an early show on the tour and took place immediately following the demise of the Souther-Hillman-Furay Band. Hillman called up buddy and former FBB alumni Rick Roberts, who had recently formed a new band called Firefall. FF were practicing and playing together but did not yet have a record deal nor had they performed in front of an audience. So Roberts, along with his Firefall mates guitarist Jock Bartley (who had also, earlier, played with Gram Parsons), bassist Mark Andes (formerly of Spirit), and ex-Byrd/Burrito Michael Clarke, joined the temporary and hastily put together group which for the sake of simplicity were blandly dubbed the Chris Hillman Band. However, for the purposes of this gig at the famous Denver night-spot, Ebbets Field, they were referred to as Chris Hillman and Friends.

This show and those that followed it across summer of 1975 became most notable, however, for being the launch-pad for Firefall. Towards the end of the 75 dates, Chris became ill and couldn't perform, so Firefall just took over the full proceedings each night, and were subsequently 'discovered and signed' by Atlantic record execs on the spot.

But on the night here featured Hillman was definitely the boss, and indeed he and the team played an eclectic mix of tunes from his various eras , covering songs from the Byrds, the Burritos, Manassas, and the SHF Band.

1. Intro 0:39
2. Safe at Home 3:06
3. Down in the Churchyard  3:57
4. Time Between 2:28
5. High Fashion Queen 3:45
6. Colorado 6:04
7. Fallen Eagle 2:48
8. Christine's Tune 3:32
9. Follow Me Through 4:39
10. Blue Morning 5:14
11. Six Days on the Road 2:50
12. Move Me Real Slow  4:18
13. So You Want To Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star  4:08

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